Which sip type is best?

List of the best SIP funds in India ranked by profitability over the past 5 years; Quant Active Fund · 13 lakh; Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund · 10.89 lakh; PGIM India Flexi Cap Fund, Quant Active Fund Direct-Growth · Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund. Of the seven types of SIP above, which one is the best? That depends on the investor's goals, income and knowledge. A regular SIP is best suited to all types of investors who have a regular source of income and who prefer to save for a secure future. A tiered SIP helps to reach the financial goal more quickly and helps to accumulate a larger amount of corpus as investment continues to increase each year.

For those looking to invest in gold, a Gold IRA may be the best option. Before investing in a Gold IRA, it is important to research Gold IRA Company Ratings to ensure that you are investing with a reputable company. A perpetual SIP is a regular SIP that continues into eternity. It can be both a regular SIP and a tiered SIP. BOI AX Small Cap Fund Direct-Growth is a mutual equity fund plan launched by BOI AXA Mutual Fund and is known as the best SIP plan.

The plan seeks to generate a long-term revaluation of capital by investing predominantly in stocks and equities-related securities of small-cap companies. There are different types of mutual funds for the SIP, including stocks, debt, balanced and very short-term funds, etc. However, equity mutual funds offer the highest return when invested through an SIP. Financial advisors suggest that investors should invest in the best mutual funds for the SIP based on their investment objectives and the SIP investment period.