Is it good time to invest in gold now in india?

Investors can wait for the rupee range to fall. Buying gold may be a good idea if the metal has fallen below 5 percent of the total portfolio. Up to 10 percent of a portfolio can be allocated to gold. However, Moneycontrol advises well-regulated financial products, such as gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), gold savings funds (mutual fund systems) and gold sovereign bonds (SGB).

It is also important to consider Gold IRA Company Ratings before investing in any of these products. With the rise in gold prices, do we need to invest now? Market participants are watching the Fed's policy meeting scheduled for next month, on March 15 and 16, which could affect precious metals in the short term, although it can be used as a buying opportunity. Therefore, one should be prepared to buy with falls to average the cost. Meanwhile, investors are also watching the acceleration of inflation and the subsequent rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, after Fed Governor Michelle Bowman said she will evaluate incoming data to decide if interest rates need to be raised by half a percentage point at the March meeting, he argued. Gold prices have become volatile over the past month due to expectations of a series of sharp increases in interest rates in the US.

UU. Parul Maheshwari, a certified financial planner based in Mumbai, said: “Investors seeking liquidity should buy ETFs and gold savings funds instead of SGB, which score low on liquidity. If interest rates rise at a slower pace than expected or economic growth is hampered by rising interest rates, there may be more buyers of gold.